SPOT Mobile Base Station
Bryan Lavin-Parmenter & Neil O'Bryan
ECE 251

What is SPOT?

SPOT (Spatial Positioning on Terrain) is an experimental human communication interface designed for astronauts in conjunction with a human-computer interaction team at NASA.

The goal of SPOT is to reduce an astronaut's cognitive load while maximizing productivity during future surface exploration missions.

SPOT accomplishes this goal by reducing the reliance on vocal communication for distribution of information between astronauts.

Mobile Base Station

We are creating a mobile user interface for the base station as our ECE 251 final project. This mobile user interface will allow quick access to vital information about the active astronauts.

Technology Stack

Android: SPOT Mobile Base Station is built on top of the existing Android platform and will be able to run on Android devices.

mySQL: All information about current astronauts is stored in a mySQL database in a private virtual server. SPOT Mobile Base Station will be polling information from this server to display current astronaut information.

Google Maps: SPOT Mobile Base Station will be plotting the current coordinates from the mySQL database using the Google Maps API to show a current map of the environment.


May 18: This week we started the project in Android Studio and set up the initial layout view for the Google Maps API. We also got our Google Maps API key. As well, we started up a development plan for what we need to finish. We then sketched up the user layout on paper for what our app will look like on the status screen.

May 10: We made the website

Last Updated 05/10/2018